Mississippi Archery Association

Shooter Of the Year Statistics and Ranking

I would like to welcome all archers to our Shooter Of the Year Page.   Our goal will be to continuously update this document through out the 2019 MAA Tournament Season with a Focus on the MAA Shooter Of the Year. 

I would like EVERYONE to know that if you participate in MAA Event, you are ELIGIBLE for Shooter Of the Year!!! No membership required.  You just have to participate, which means if you shoot at least at 1 Event at Each Range/Club you are eligible.  Only your highest score from each range will count towards your Shooter of the year Standings, and we will drop your lowest score (this means if for some reason you can NOT make it to all five ranges, you will still be eligible for Shooter of the Year). 

This will be our first attempt to tabulate and rank all participating shooters into our Shooter of the Year Program.  What you need to know is that this is a work in progress and like everything NEW, there maybe some unforeseen issues, so please bare with us.  

You will notice in the spread sheet that there are a lot of "ZEROs" or "0".  For the scores to tabulate and assign rank within the spread sheet, I had to give everyone value or "0" at all Ranges, as the weeks progress and Ranges post Scores those 0's will change to valued numbers.  As the season progresses, I will post scores, highlight the range that posted a score, and adjust rank all archers.  Please note that each range will host between 3 or 4 Event, Ranges are entered into the spread sheet in alphabetical order.

Please double check your scores.

2019 Shooter Of the Year (with Championship Scores)